Things I want My Young Adult Daughter To Do!!!

things I want my daughter to do….


10553523_671858739565579_5392128026450523634_n I know this is early for this List… Too…actually Way too early… But i want to put this somewhere before Alzheimers hit me/ i become an obsessed mother/ the ghost of Right Parenting Haunts me… In short this is something i would love my daughter to Know, hopefully remember and Follow… 1. NEVER- ever Indulge or get involved in anything dat is ethically, legally or morally wrong. We dont want to hide from the Law or in that case Ourselves for the rest of our Life… You don’t wanna feel ashamed of what you see in the mirror, do you??? 2. VASELINE PETROLEUM JELLY- Its a multitasking product. Right from chapped Lips to Pain in the @$$ shoebites… it covers up a lot… Ask Mr. Google!!! 3. Keep Safety pins handy, atleast half a dozen. they come for rescue in emergencies… 4. Speaking of emergencies- Keep a stash of band…

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