OMG!!! I married a drama…

All the good things must come to an end, someday…


So did “Oh my Ghostess“…
Its been 11 years, to be precise, that I am hooked to the magnificent and awe-mazing world of Korean dramas… But this is the first time ever in the past ten years that I have ever written or truly felt like writing something about it…
My romance with “OMG” as I have lovingly named it started a few weeks back…
(Normally Kdramas that air on a weekly basis are of 16 or 20 or at the max 25 episodes, each episode of maximum 1 hour. where they are aired on 2 days in a week between Monday to Friday.)
OMG I thought would be a 20 episode series, but to my greatest disappointment it turned out to be 16 episodes drama only… that means 4 hours less of amazing OMG-feels…
So what was the big deal about it, you ask…
Ok let me tell you about the Drama first…
What was it about: The drama is about a timid young woman Na Bong Sun (Park Bo-young) with a crush on her conceited chef boss Kang Sun-woo(Jo Jung-seok) getting possessed by a pervy lustful virgin ghost Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi)
According to Korean folklore- a girl who has died virgin cannot leave the earthly plane peacefully, the fact that she has not been deflowered is what is stopping her from reaching Heavens and then it becomes her final grudge. This is what  becomes Soon Ae’s lifes (after life’s) aim – to lose her virginity as soon as possible (I totally understand her plight here) or else there are dire consequences.

I won’t be giving out any more synopsis here… you can catch the episode recaps on this very amazing website “Dramabeans”.  Siriusly, try it once <>

What worked for me-
The Plot Obviously THE PLOT– I mean how many times do we get to see a girl trying to seduce a man and ask him directly to do “IT” with her. So that was a first one for me. Secondly, the ghost posses a girl who is always scared and shaken up… to see someones 360 degree personality change has to be fun. And then the main characters fall in love as usual but here the question arises who is the guy in love with – the girl?? or the ghost???
shin soonae
The CAST–  The Ghostess-  Played so very well by Comedienne and Actoress Kim Seul Gi . You can actually understand her and all the things that she is going through, her urge to have sex, her desperation when she begs Bong sun to let her possess her body. I can’t imagine any other actress doing what Kim Seul-gi did to Shin soon Ae.
Park Bo young was the cream of this cake. This pea sized actress carried this drama on her tiny little shoulders. Its not easy to mimic another actor with such a finesse. You actually know that its Soon Ae possessing Bong Sun and Non possessed Bong Sun. Two very different personalities.
Jo Jung Sook played Kang Sun woo so brilliantly, especially when he was being petty and shallow and rude in the face yet somehow you related to his character being petty and shallow and rude in your face. You accepted him with his flaws.
The BAD Guy- Look at him… He is the Bad Guy… I mean drama what were you thinking??? And I am supposed to hate him,right??? His bad acts, the conflict on his face in between. And that stoned face expression of his… I loved to hate this Angel faced bad guy.
The Chef Team-  All of them added that fun and laughter in Oh My Ghostess…
Lecture scared
The Script – The story was so tight that you could actually feel its grip throughout the drama over your mind, there were certain gaps in between, which created question marks. But apart from those little hiccups in between the Script was great. The characters grew in leaps and bounds, there were no sudden transitions or any weird changes where you are lost or wondering how is this even possible? And when these characters change you are alongwith them. their every action, reaction is justified. Its when every characters dignity was maintained till the very end.
The Romance/Relationship-  I was dying to come to this part. This drama has the best romance ever… Ever… Ever… EVER…
The best I have seen in any Korean drama. Its not cheesy or steamy kind. Its simple. Its real. Its so real that it gets to you.
Its in the way they look at each other- Na Bong Sun/Shin Soon Ae and Chef. (Its a funny love triangle of sorts).
It’s when Soon Ae is always ready to hold Chef’s hand or when she is desperate to get in bed with him (lol, i can understand that).
chefshandchefs handshowoffchef
Its when Chef is proud of her in a brotherly/fatherly way.
chefs lapcheffinhing
 Its when her seduction is nothing but cute moments rolled into other cute moments.
Its when Chef wants to take things slow, give their relationship some time to grow on its own. Its when she feels burdened under the lies she has told him and ends up confessing everything.chefhugsnabongsun
Its when he tries to give her every fair chance to explain herself. Its how they cant let go of each other, mostly its circumstantial but mainly it is free will, by choice.
looking atghostess16-01224
The message is – you want something then fight for it. Hold onto it. Its when they still find ways to come back to each other.     
And their chemistry was soooo good, I am sure that The actor who played Chef actually really did fell for Na Bong Sun, atleast once or thrice in between.
chefs lap2
What didn’t worked for me: As i said there were a few hiccups, but then i got married to this drama right??? No marriage is perfect, but this drama is soooo good, that I am gladly turning a blind eye to those flaws. 
Now that OMG has ended- I really don’t know what to do with my life… really… And I am in no hurry to move on either. So I am gonna take my time… Live more in my OMG land. and then fall for it some more…
And as the Last message said,  “As it always did before, the seasons changed and our daily lives resumed, but that summer… through her, who came and went like a midsummer night’s dream, we came to know love, and discovered how precious connections and people are. And just as she told me to do, today I love myself too. And… I love him.”
I too will love myself…
~Hydrogen Oh

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