Will you or Won’t you?


Are you asleep? ARE YOU REALLY SLEEPING???

You’ll go on with your life, won’t you? Memories of me will fade away, won’t they? With me no longer around?

You will be happy, right? One less person who will bother you… isnt that true? You were always the responsible one… atleast that’s how you have  always behaved… haven’t you??? Are you feeling lighter now? It feels like less burdensome, doesnt it? Since I am not there… Are you dreaming good dreams? Do you see me? Atleast somewhere in the background of your dreams? Do you see me???

You will completely forget about me, won’t you? Will you? Can I atleast be a distant memory…

A pleasant distant memory?


Are you asleep??

Are you really asleep???

~Hydrogen… I wish I could show you how difficult it is for me to write…



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