Bane or A Blessing?


I think it’s a writer’s bane to feel everything so deeply… to seek emotions in every nook and corner where they can be easily lost and overlooked by others… for them being lonely is not just a state of mind… but it becomes a part of their essence… that even when they are in the middle of a large group… solitude becomes their secondary nature. They can feel and live the love they know they will never have… They can write about winters and summers sitting in the pouring rain… They can write a self help manual for their unborn child, a child they might never have… They can find a glimpse of life in every dying hope… They will fall for you… with all their words and pauses… and won’t even expect a sigh from you…


I believe it’s a writer’s bane to feel so much… for so little… an almost nothing… and yet it becomes their everything…           




2 responses to “Bane or A Blessing?

  1. Yes I could resonate with the feeling, when you said writers feel everything deeply, just like watching rainbow flaoting across the a himalayan mountain while you are sitting in a classroom, it happens naturally to them. They don’t imagine things … it happens to them ….they almost live their thoughts …just like breaths ..effortless, unintentional. They feel thoughts as real as the moment passing by.. so much so that sometimes we manage the fade the fine line between outbound reality and thoughts inside. Thoughts feel as real as our heartbeats. It’s another world …. reflection of everything we know.

    The only thing I wish to think about, is something that I am yet to know.


    • I think it’s not only about writers… Every person with an artistic or creative streak… looks at life with the binoculars of their mind… and attach emotions to it…

      its bound to happen…


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