Being An Anchor… Very First Time


Initially… I took it very lightly.

Of course anyone would, when you are lazying around in bed with your phone in one hand and a book in another… thinking about how the hell can an author describe a kissing scene so lamely? and your mother asking you “Hey, your aunt wants you to accompany her to this dance program that she is anchoring… or else she won’t do it…” and you look up at your mom, give it a moments thought say “Yes”… and continue to curse the author…

Cut to, an evening prior to the event. Here you get to know some of the shocking points:

1. That it is being held in one of the Major schools in your locality.

2. Approximately 800 people are expected to turn up.

3. You have to wear Saree to a 3 hour long event.

4. The Script is not ready

5. And it is organised to promote International Women’s Day and Anti Violence Message.

6. You will be The only ANCHOR anchoring. There is no one else. its just You.

And there it was my moment of “What the F” silence… And if I freak out the people who are depending on me will faint as they have already committed of having an anchor/presenter on board. So all I can do is take a deep breath (at this point several deep breaths) and write the script of the entire event. Now writing is something that i feel safe about and with the help of my awesome aunt it was done within 2 hours.

Now all that was left to do was sleep peacefully… But no… My Insomniac mind had to stay awake.  Finally after falling asleep at 2:30 in the morning i woke up at 7 with a very familiar stabbing pain.

My “Fuck the What” moment Part 2… No way…Its not possible… still 3 more days… Nope. It can’t be. Not today… Please no… While praying this…

I discovered. Hell to the Yes way… Its today. Aunt Flo decided to come early. She never comes early. But the bitch that she is!!! She is here. And with her comes Cramps, Pains and Nausea.

This was Moment of Truth. Its a normal thing. Part and Parcel of being a Woman.  So Be a Woman. Its Women’s day. Forget about Aunt Flo. No matter how badly she keeps reminding you. Go there. Face those Women and Rock the event.

And that’s what I did… I fumbled. Even stumbled. Faltered. Danced a bit too. And made them laugh…

My first time being an Anchor… was an amazing experience…

And now I have a second event to anchor…




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