Are you Detachable?


WE humans are blessed with this phenomenal ability to think, feel and emote… Where i would also like to emphasize that these blessings can be proved as a curse… WE tend to over think… Over feel as well as Over emote to the point of self destruction. No doubt we have so many psychological issues within our society. Most of it is self implicated…

Here is where Detaching swoops in for your aid… Detach form these emotions… feel them and then let them go… Many of the people I know end up isolating themselves… Or end up going away from others… They avoid… ignore or in some cases completely severe up ties with the person they “over-think or feel too much” about… Now ask yourself… why should the other person bear the consequences of the chemical imbalances happening in your grey cells? Don’t make them suffer. Feel it… Experience and embrace whatever it is… Anger… Shame… Guilt… Jealousy… Envy… Hate… Sorrow… Even Happiness… Joy and Euphoria… Feel it… and then let go of it… Detach yourself from that. Walk out of it… like you would walk out of the removed clothes… ready to drape yourself in a fresh pair of clean clothes for another day… It will be tough… I know i just compared emotions to clothes… but when you won’t wear the same dirty clothes forever… how can you drape your heart and mind with same over used emotions???





2 responses to “Are you Detachable?

  1. Amazing. I felt an emotion to be like a ripple created by a droplet in the tranquil water of your mind. A ripple might fade away completing it’s course of being … if we feel and let it go… but interestingly we respond to that ripple with another… one leads to two ..two to many … our mind feeds the ripples when it actually should just watch it happen and disappear.

    These ripples multiplying every moment… has created a storm , thats the state of our mind right now…. one cant expect a ripple to go quite in a storm … just like a storm that can hardly reflect upon the ripples..

    Firts our mind needs to be calm like a still water …. not detached but wise to be calm to the ripples …. ripples will happen and there would a dance of waves on the surface ….. as the waves move on the surface. … the light create a patterns inside … it’s beautiful. ….. it’s beautiful when you become part of it …. unaffected but not detached….

    Be involved be devoted just don’t expect …. you respond to a ripple when you expect … just let it play you …. don’t be detached just don’t expect.


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