Die for you…


If you are in your mid twenties you have reached a point in your life where you are surrounded by people. A lot of people…

So on an average out  of every 100 people in your life at least 2 hate you. They hate you so much that they can’t stand the sight of you. And the funny part is you don’t know why. But it’s ok. Coz even they don’t know… then there are at least 18 of them who don’t really care about you. You think they do. But believe me they just don’t give a damn. Then there are at least 21 who like you. They care about what happens to you. But they won’t get involved in your life. And there are at least 31 people who genuinely care about you and will do anything to be there for you. They are your real people. Then there are other 13 people who will make sure that they know every ups and downs that are happening in your life. And somewhere they themselves are responsible for few of those ups and downs.

Behold! Coz there are atleast 15 people who will die for you. They love you so much that they will die for you. And believe me even they don’t know this but when the time demands for it they will do it…

And this I have realised lately…

So I just want you to know that I am one of them for you. So you can call me if you need anyone to die for you.

I am just a call away…




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