My open love letter to You…

Joelyyy 20141112_175316  I love you…

I always wanted to tell you this for a long… long time. But I was scared. I still am. It’s not that I am scared of your rejection. I am more scared of your acceptance. The fact that you too might feel the same for me, scares the shit out of me. And you know me well enough to know that I am a Batshit crazy person at times.

But. I love you.

I am always on the edge, on the brink of emotions. I either feel too much. Or nothing at all. And I know what I feel for you is something that I have never experienced before. You somehow bring out different versions of me. The person I never thought I am capable of becoming, for better or worse. Credit goes to you.

So, I love you…

Joelyyy 20141117_083715

I have lots of phobias. The worst is my fear towards commitment. I know I will run in the opposite direction when I see someone approaching me. HOWEVER. I find myself in this situation. And I am not even sure whether my running shoes are tied up or not. I don’t know. Maybe.

But. I love you.

You haven’t changed me. Nor you will. But you definitely inspire me. You have been my inspiration. You will always be. And I will love to quote Bryan Adams here… Everything I do… I do it for you… thanks Mr. Adams… I am in no position to tell you or ask for the same thing in return. It’s not easy to love someone like me… But. I Just want you to know. Cause it matters to me. I want you to know that somewhere back there is a person who loves you. And nobody will love you the way I do. Mine is a weird way. And it’s not the toffee kind of love you once mentioned. It’s actually more than that. It’s pizza kind of love. The craving that I get to have pizza whenever I am sad or happy or lonely or excited.

That’s why I pizza you.

And it’s you who I always go to whenever I am in doubt or happy or sad or scared. And you are always there. You are my bestest friend out there in your own way.

That’s why I pogo you.

And somehow I know, That me saying this will never have any outcome. Yet. I want you to know. That I am in love with you. I am well aware that nothing lasts forever… and so it’s inevitable that this too shall pass.

Still I will always love you.

P.s. I don’t know the reason why it had to be you. Or even when or how. but somehow it is you. And if ever I get to choose again. I will choose you.

Love to love you.

Yours lovingly


Joelyyy 20141218_163538


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