12 Ways to confirm whether you are Really Truly in love with someone or not…

An age old doubt isn’t it? Well. Hopefully we have found a solution for it… Just read the situations below and answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’…

  1. Whenever you travel somewhere beautiful… you wish they were there with you… So that you could experience something beautiful together…wish you were here
  2. Whenever something major happens in your life; be it a good event or a bad one… they are the first one you inform or you wish they knew about it.  male-bestie-gif-1
  3. It doesn’t matter if you get more that 100 likes for your pictures… nothing equals the feeling that you get when that ONE person likes or comments on your posts… Partttyyyyyyyyy Taaiiiime….. On-A-Diet-Point-5
  4. You knowingly or unknowingly… well, mostly knowingly end up stalking them on social networking sites… They somehow bring out the creepy side in you… Creeeeeeeepy  yoouuuuuu…27
  5. You suddenly start thinking about them at absolute random hours… it can be at 3 PM or 3 AM…                 20-fb
  6. Seeing a text from them makes you smile like an idiot…   idiot
  7. Sharing a few nanoseconds with them makes your day…  happy
  8. You end up calling or texting them when you are drunk… Bad drunk idea!!!  maxresdefault (1)
  9. The most ridiculous thing is that you remember every detail of every second spent with them or about them…
  10. You start wondering how will they react to a certain situation if it happened to them or with them.
  11. You start reading stupid lists of instructions that suggests help in confirming your feelings for that Special someone, which also proves that you are an absolute confused idiot.                                  whatsapp-point-2
  12. All this time you were reading this you were constantly thinking about them; yet you need a list… made by some random stranger whom you have never met, chances are you might never even meet them… yet you want to believe them? that is super dumb. Sorry. But it IS.

If you love someone you love someone. there are no 2 ways about it. Either do something about it… like maybe tell them?


Or Move on…

Hope you find the best way out… 181



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