Just like That…

After a certain span of tym in your relationship, you reach a level where peeled thumbs dont matter. Messed up hair are even more fine… The Journey is more fun and looked forward for, rather than the destination itself…


Nonstop humming and long silences become a part of your important conversations. Nick names and teasing are the usual starters and dessert of every sentences used. Finishing each others sentences and pizza slices is as normal as ordering each others coffee. What song makes them smile, embarasses them, upsets them is like knowing their favourite color, favourite movie and favourite dish…

Every sunset and every glance shared has its own meaning… Like a beautiful secret… Things done with them Always have wonderful outcomes.

And everything is going amazingly well when you are stuck in peak hour traffic… And that time is the best time whenever there are mini halts so that you can share your fleeting thoughts… And that is Awesome…

You know This is the best Space you will ever get.
Just Like That…



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