It’s Okay… It’s just Love….

ww helping hand We are often so loud and clear about our wants and needs… We go outright and demand it…”Mom, I am Hunggggryyyyyy… Feed meeeee” or ” Nope, I dont want it… ” or  “Get me another”… Okay. Another example… Like when we are in pain we ask for the medicines or painkillers… So why not with Love? After all, in the end… isnt that what we all are looking for? Or what we all need? A really tight good hug at the end of a long tiring day makes a whole lot of difference, doesnt it? Point is… Why are we so shy of it? Why can’t we ask for it? I want to be loved… I want you to hug me… I dont care whether you give me a tight hug, a side hug, a back hug or a fleeting hug… I want to hold hands with you… I want you to ask me how am I doing? How was my day? I want you to look at me and tell me as if you really mean it that you love me… And I want to Believe it that you mean it… I just want a little bit of Love at the end of my day… After all, isn’t that what we all Need??? ~Hydrogen


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