Outside I am all silent… and calm… well, most of the times…

Although my body gives it away at times… I am really very fidgety… Involuntary reaction… Mainly caused by my internal mobilisation…
Inside me its like a high-tide-meets-start-of-recess-bell-for-school kids- meets-fishmarket-on-a-Sunday-morning-meets-Indian-wedding bands-meets-family-reunion-meets-church-bells-ringing-meets-traffic-after-6 p.m.-meets-Elephants-running-through-the-Forest-meets-pigeons-flying- meets-500-people-dancing-bollywood-style-in a-flash-mob-meets-Kathak- meets-Karaoke-nights-meets-World War 3-meets-a-popular-restaurant- kitchen-at-peak-hours-meets-road-accident-piled up…
And then me Breathing…
Outside i am all calm…
Inside i am a complete Chaos!!!

~Confessions of a Double Molecule Hydrogen


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