B.T and A.T.


Atleast, once in your life, you will meet your own “Jesus Christ”…
Now I am not being Christian or religious here… But with all due respect to the Great historical persona that Jesus of Nazareth was… Is… I sincerely wish that you do meet your own Jesus Christ…

From what all I have read about him since my childhood, there is one thing which Always Always makes me mesmerisingly awestruck…
This man Actually divided the entire human timeline and that too unknowingly… how AWESOME is that!!!

So… may you meet someone, who unknowingly divides your lifes timeline.. Everything that you have ever done so far… or you will do… will be timed as B.T. and A.T. (Before Them and After Them, respectively)

~Hydrogen… Mesmerisingly Awestrucked…


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